About our antique and vintage ceiling fixtures

The House of Tuscany

The House of Tuscany imports ceiling fixtures from France, Germany, England, and other countries of the European Union,  These fixtures we completely rewire with UL approved materials by an American lighting expert before they are sold, but it is impossible for each fixture to be sent to a UL lab and tested individually.  The chandeliers are rewired with new materials.  A grounding wire is not included or attached. If you want a ground wire, or if your electrician feels that one is necessary, he can easily add one to

In the instances of new construction, new built home, it is necessary for you to understand that the contractors , and electricians involved are most likely specializing in new construction and thus: are not usually enthusiastic  about vintage or antique ceiling fixtures.  The problem is one of Inspection; Many people who want to use antique or older chandeliers ask the contractor just to cap the chandelier box/receptacle.  Then, after municipal authorities have inspected, they then call a qualified electrician who has demonstrated experience in working with antique and vintage fixtures, and ask that they install the fixture.  House of Tuscany performs this service every day.; for the last 20 years

Canopy and Chain

The older antique fixtures sometimes, sometime not, come with a canopy and chain.  The canopy is the part designed to cover the box in the ceiling or wall, which in the us is usually 4 inches in diameter.  This is considerably larger that the average box in the ceiling or wall in Europe which averaged usually 2 to 3 inches.  So when one of our ceiling fixtures or wall fixtures from France does actually come with a canopy and chain,. we almost always switch out the canopy for one of our new ones, designed and finished to match the fixture.  We also provide and sell chain in various finishes and shapes.