Melinda, our intrepid leader, whose lifelong dedication has been the pursuit of rare and exquisite treasures in the realms of lighting, decor, and beyond. With a wealth of experience garnered from a distinguished career in the Diplomatic Corps of the United States of America, Melinda possesses a unique ability to source one-of-a-kind and valuable pieces.

From lighting fixtures to jewelry, immerse yourself in Melinda's distinctive style and flair. Her discerning taste and decor expertise are evident in her ever-evolving collection. Melinda has cultivated an extensive network of connections across France, Italy, England, Russia, Germany, and beyond, ensuring access to exceptional finds.

If your preferences lean towards the Far East, rest assured that Melinda has that covered as well. Her far-reaching contacts span regions like Singapore, China, Thailand, and more. Discover a world of exceptional decor with Melinda as your guide.

Welcome to The House of Tuscany, a family-owned and operated destination for exquisite lighting and decor in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality lighting and decor, with a particular focus on the timeless beauty of French and Italian classic design.

Our dedicated team travels to Europe on a regular basis, ensuring that our showroom is always filled with the latest lighting innovations, including lamps, sconces, shades, candle covers, and more. We proudly feature renowned brands such as Aden Grey, The House of Troy, Circa Lighting, and an array of exclusive suppliers.

Visit our stunning new showroom conveniently located on the picturesque Camp Bowie Blvd and explore our extensive collection. At The House of Tuscany, we go beyond just offering exceptional products. We are skilled in repairing electrical pieces and restoring paintings and furniture. Additionally, we provide chandelier hanging services and professional cleaning for ceiling fixtures right on-site.

Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of The House of Tuscany – where lighting and decor meet European artistry.



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