The House of Tuscany

Update!! As of 01 January 2024,The House of Tuscany will be moving its retail space to a new location. Consequently, we will be offering pick up services and return services on repairs and restorations to lamps, lighting, and chandeliers, free of charge from your home or business for the next several weeks. We ask that our clients bear with us during this new and exciting transition.

The House of Tuscany repairs lamps and lighting!  Call us at 817-377-9013 for an appointment or text us at 817-773-0838 with a picture or two and we can usually get an estimate to you in a day or so.  A good example of a common repair to a lamp is new wiring, new socket, and new plug, which generally cost $75.00.  Depending on the complexity of your repair, we can usually offer 1 week turnarounds on repairs to lamps, and chandeliers.  House of Tuscany focuses on the electrical parts of the pieces, we do not offer welding services for structural repairs. We have been repairing lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting for over 20 years. 

Lamp and Lighting Repair

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