Metal wall sconce 2 arm electric French distressed old world classic desting antique vintage wall fixture
antique vintage metal distressed french pastoral wall mount sconce 2 arm old world classic design leaves hand made beeswax candle covers sleeves

Sconces and Wall lighting lighting retail house furnishings - retail light fixtures

Wall sconce metal distressed antique vintage english french italian old world design 1 arm electric
Iron Metal 5 arm French vintage antique wall sconce electric old world and classic style distressed
New 1 arm chrome nickel brass electric wall mount sconce with white candle cover sleeve and white off bone cream linen shade
New Nickel chrome pair wall sconces fixtures with silk shades electric white candle sleeves and white eggshell shades for wall mount
pair of new wall mount electric sconces fixtures in chrome nickel lucite with silk white shades e
Metal Wall Sconce French antique vintage classic old world style green pastoral leaves metal 2 arm wall sconce
Pair antique vintage wall mounted electric scone fixtures with custom bespoke candle covers sleeves distressed french style old world european antique vintage electric
antique vintage european brass wall mount sconce 3 arm with hand made candle covers sleeves old world design style classic electric

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New nickel chrome pair 2 arm electric wall mount sconces fixtures with glass shades white