Services to the Videography Industry

The House of Tuscany is proud to offer its services to the Videography, Motion Picture, and Television Industries.  From Decor Services, to actual Props for sets, House of Tuscany is prepared to assist in the Decoration and Lighting of Sets for the modern Videographer.  Need a beautiful and elegant Crystal Chandelier for your shoot?  Rent one from us!  We make chandeliers that, yes, you can rent.  They come in various sizes and artistic complexity, and can even be made to suit your particular needs.  Just come in, speak with one of the professionals about your specific requirements, and we can then select (or produce) the perfect crystal chandelier solution for your needs.  Most chandeliers of a crystal nature, are modular in nature, making production of them relatively straightforward.  Here at the House of Tuscany we have been providing crystal chandeliers, furniture, and lighting for over 25 years.  We are a locally owned, and family run business that has a great deal of experience in client satisfaction.  Need help obtaining a prop, lighting or some other hard to find item?  Give us a shot at satisfying that need.

The House of Tuscany